Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Braving the dreaded zipper!

I've been very busy sewing over the last two days since I decided to participate in Holidaze - and will be busy up until Nov. 20th, I'm sure!  I've gotten brave with my sewing machine and have even been sewing on high speed rather than medium.  I've been nervous about high speed ever since I read how a lady with my sewing machine model sewed through her finger!  I'm going to be very careful to avoid that still - dropping my ruler on my foot today was painful enough!

So, with all this talk about sewing, what do I have to show for it (besides a bruised foot)?  This is what....

a nice stack of coordinating coasters, two additional sets of coasters, and a tote bag.  I finished that tote bag today.  It came out very nicely - so nicely I was tempted to keep it for myself!

This style of coaster was much easier than the first style I tried.  I saw the tutorial on-line (I can't remember where now) and was amazed at how fast these went together.

Remember how I said I was getting braver - well, the above pouch has the first zipper I ever sewed!  I've been so scared to try (I don't know why, now that I've done one).  The pouch turned out pretty well.  I'm going to be making some of these for the sale too, but haven't decided if I will use this pattern or another one.

Come visit tomorrow again to see what all I am working on that wasn't finished to share today!


  1. The pouch is absolutely adorable! I love it! The tote's nice too - is it stiff enough to stand up on its own, or is it leaning in the picture?

  2. Thanks! The tote is standing up on its own in the picture - it has fusible fleece inside it to give it body and it has a boxed bottom.