Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Quilt

Apparently I felt confident in my quilting abilities after finishing the quilt from my previous post - because the next quilt I sewed was very ambitious for a beginner.  But I loved the pattern and LOVED the quilt - which made sewing it much more fun.  I've discovered that I really need to love what I'm making or else it will just get put on a shelf - and remain unfinished for years.  Anyone else find that too???

Anyway, this quilt is CluckCluckSew's Raw Edge Circle tutorial found here.

This was the first quilt that I free-motion quilted.  (I did free-motion quilt one table runner as a gift prior to this - along with a lot of practice).  I put spiral circles in each circle and did loop-de-loops around the circles.  Maybe you can see that better here...

This was a birthday present for my best friend's baby boy's first birthday.  So, I used Alexander Henry's Traffic Jam on the back.  He loves those trucks and cars!

The quilt ended up being around 35x49 - perfect for his crib.  I love seeing a baby with a quilt!!!

(and yes, I made him his hat too)

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  1. What a handsome little man and what a beautiful quilt! My boy absolutely loves it. I find him after naps talking to his cars - I think he reads his books to them. Thanks again!!